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Some Prevalently Common Shisha Myths & Smoking One Shisha Is Equivalent To A Pack Of Cigarettes

Here are a few facts about smoking with a water pipe Bongs: A water pipe makes it easier for beginners to smoke. The smoke is more pleasant to the throat when inhaled through a waterpipe because of the bubbles that are produced. It is possible to ease a smoker’s first experience by using shallower breaths.

Many smokers choose a waterpipe because it won’t irritate their throat the way cigarettes, cigars or roll-up tobacco can. Warm water kills any bacteria that may be in the smoke and offers a cleaner inhalation. Then, cool water will cool it. If used moderately, it can help reduce exposure to common smoking conditions like bronchitis.

It’s not a good idea to reuse dirty water or cleaning solutions. If you don’t clean your water pipes, they will lose their filtering ability. So, make sure to clean them thoroughly and regularly. You can read this article to learn how to clean a water pipe. Inhaling through water pipes can filter out many carcinogens. This reduces the likelihood of lung cancer and other illnesses. The smoke is also pushed deeper and faster into the lungs. Tobacco and water pipes should be used in moderation, just like other legal highs.

When using a waterpipe, there are two important things to remember: it is a personal choice and, if used properly and regulated, can have health benefits compared to alternative methods of smoking. Water pipes are an affordable, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to smoking.

Waterpipe smoking is the act of inhaling tobacco smoke through a soft, long tube. The smoke then exits the water bowl and into the air. Waterpipe smoking (also known as hookah or narghile), chica, goza, Kalyan and shisha), began in India and Iran around 500 years ago and has since spread to other countries. There is ample evidence that waterpipe smoke is harmful to health. Studies have revealed that waterpipe smoke is a mixture of toxicants including nicotine (the main cause of waterpipe addiction), polycyclic hydrocarbons (known or potentially carcinogenic), heavy metals and tar.

 These toxicants may be found in higher amounts in waterpipe smoke compared to cigarette smoke. A meta-analysis and systematic review found that waterpipe smoke was linked to an increased risk for certain types of cancer. Another review concluded that regular waterpipe smoke was positively related to respiratory symptoms and lung disease. Munzel et al. Munzel et al.

It is not just adults who are affected by waterpipe smoking. There are also adverse health effects in adolescents, such as lung function decline and carbon monoxide toxicity. Abbadi et al. The study found that adolescents with waterpipe dependence were more likely to experience depressive symptoms.

Alomari et al. According to Alomari et al., waterpipe smoking among adolescents could reduce brain-derived neutrtrophic factors (which are crucial for neuronal migration, survival, dendritic arborization, synaptogenesis, differentiation and synaptogenesis). In addition, Ramoa et al. Health care and dental care providers were urged to take note of the rising popularity of waterpipe smoking by adolescents, due to its potential oral dangers.

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